fun but freezing!!

Hello from the super cold and Happy Monday.
Melissa left today and we had a fab time touring all around the past few days. NY at Christmas is just the best. Melissa has been to visit a few times now, so we skipped most of the touristy areas (except the top of the rock which she hadn't been to yet --she loved it) and focused on some out of the way areas like 1) the Upper West Side (where I want to live badly. It is so cool up there. A small city feel in a big city. Local grocery stores, churches, shops, lots of out of control rich people. I think its a law you must have a fur coat if you live or spend ample amounts of time there. I am sort of numb to seeing all the fur now, but Melissa was still shocked. In Seattle you see maybe a fur coat a year if that. Even if Tom finally gave into my pleas to move to the UWS, I think we could maybe afford a storage unit in someones basement and that'd be about it), 2) Brooklyn (we walked the bridge and toured brooklyn by foot) and then 3) yesterday headed to Lambertville, NJ which we have coined as the (much smaller) San Francisco of the East Coast. Very artsy and just cool. It is a small town though and had a smaler town feel. Probably the coolest thing there aside from the alligator chili we had or lunch or the used book stores was the bridge in town that crosses the Delaware River. While this bridge is no where near the size of the Brooklyn Bridge (or Golden Gate) we walked across and found ourselves in New Hope, PA.
We get around when Melissa is here, I am telling you!!
We quickly crossed back into Lambertville since it was in the high 20's and with the wind on that bridge-- it had to have been more like 8 degrees.
While in NY, we did see the skaters at Bryant Park, the windows at Macy's and Sak's all decorated elaboratly for Christmas, the tree at Rockefeller Center and many other things. It was very crowded, but everyone, as always, was so plesant and in the holiday spirit. To top off the great trip, it started to snow Sat night and we rode through Times Square on a rickshaw (see pic) in the snow. FUN.
We had a nice dinner with Tom last night at home (he pretty much lets us just go when Melissa or other girlfriends are here. He knows his best moments are not shopping and sightseeing in NY with the two of us!!) and now we start a new week.
Tom is in the city today for work and I am taking the train in later so we can meet up with our friends Dave and Veronica who are in town from Seattle. Last night the temps here dropped to single digits and today its only 22, so it should be a frosty one walking around tonight.

Here are some pics:
santa rickshaw
the brooklyn bridge
di on the bridge
view of the city from the bridge (other bridge is the Manhattan).
melissa at brooklyn hotspot Pacifico
our cool rickshaw in the snow


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