hotel bargains in nyc

This is a heart warming story (cough) of the fabulously elegent Plaza hotel in NYC extending themselves so possibly the less-fortunate can live like those that think the recession/depression just means one less holiday party this year.

The article is from the New York NBC News website.

"Spend Christmas Like Eloise
Deal of the Day: Are we reading this right? The Plaza's giving away free nights at the illustrious hotel?The Plaza's new owners may have spent $400 million to renovate the iconic landmark prior to its February reopening, but it doesn't look like they're counting on the holiday season to recoup any of that cash. Between now and December 30, if you book a two-night stay, they'll throw in the third night for free.
That's an extra night you can spend nuzzling up to the 24-karat gold-plated sinks and fixtures in every one of its 282 rooms and suites, sipping on holiday cocktails at the new Rose Club lounge, or coming up with fanciful errands for your white-glove butler to run. Per-night rates start at $755 (that's barely over $500 a night with the discount, and you could stay in far worse places in this city for half a grand per night)."


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