do some good while shopping

hey for all of you that go on the internet (everyone) or shop online (nearly everyone)-- check this out. is a shopping directory site and each purchase you make at one of the stores linked to will get a donation of up to 30% to the school or charity of YOUR choice. This is legit. It was on the NY news for the past few days.

Go to and 1) choose the charity you want to receive a donation then 2) choose the online store below that you want to shop from. You will see the % of your purchase that the corresponding store will donate.
There are tons tons of name brand sites such as, itunes, the gap, bloomingdales, barnes and noble, apple and seriously tons more. You can search for a specific charity just by typing in a few words. The charity must be actual and verifiable through (done instantly).

The other great one is
Use this site like a google browser and the charity that you choose to receive a donation will receive 1 penny for every search you do from For example--you could search for through the search bar on just to read the paper and the charity of your choice gets a penny. Doesn't sound like much, but it adds up! Many charities right now are seeing large declines in donations due to the recession. This is your chance to give by doing something you'd do anyway.

side note: yesterday it was 67 degrees. today, its 29 and we have 3" of snow. :-)

Spread some holiday cheer!