go jets!!

hey everyone--its sunday, its snowy and football is on!! Tom and I have become quite the followers of our two very excellent teams--the Jets and Giants--and we rarely miss a game on Sundays. Tom got his Christmas shopping done yesterday (whoo hoo) and we are getting ready for a nice Christmas at home.
The Sat after Christmas we are heading to Providence RI to see friends and then off to Boston. I am VERY excited for that long weekend especially now since we just got done booking all of the hotels etc. YAY!! Neither of us have ever really toured around Boston before.
Its very cold here still, but it seems we'll be snow free for a little while now (unlike our friends in Seattle). All my friends and family are loving the snow so we are happy for them. Some of our other family, in Calgary, is not liking the weather too much as its like 15 below zero there. No thanks!! Karen--come and visit here!! :-) I love the snow and have taken advantage of taking long walks and letting the dogs out to dilly dally in the powder. The snow here is much different than Seattle, here its dry so you can actually be out in it and not come in soaked through.

Here is a pic of me I sent to my dad and brother to get them riled up for the Jets/Seahawks game today (don't be a hater--I just got back from the gym so I don't look my best) and one of the dogs snuggled in after a wrestling match in the snow. :-)

Have a great Christmas week!!


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