crazy days

its been a very full week for tom and I so far. wow. after melissa left monday, Tom and I headed to the city for dinner with our friends Dave and Veronica. We had such a great time visiting with them--it had been a while since we'd seen them last. We ate at Butter in the E Village. This was our 2nd time at this restaurant and it was once again excellent. The waitress was very nice and was entertaining us with stories of the most famous people she had served there. It was all so glamorous sounding---but until I see one myself I just can't get wound up! We will continue trying to spot one... in fact, we will try again tonight! Our old neighbors from Seattle are in the city for some Christmas sight-seeing and we are meeting them for dinner. I am very exctited about this dinner since its at the Tribeca Grill-- a very NY restaurant (and half owned by Robert Dinero). Veronica highly recommended it to us and I had heard of it before as well.

Other than being busy at work and home and trying to fight off all things illness related--we are doing well and today anyway, we are trying to stay dry. Its been pouring rain for the last 14 hours or so!! But--its 60 degrees so its managable.

Talk to you all soon!


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