weekend at the boat

ahhhhhh, what a nice weekend. We headed down to the shore on Saturday morning prepared for a fun weekend on the water and that is just what we got! Tom didn't have too many projects this weekend so we had a lot of time to relax. Saturday the dogs, Tom and I hopped on John and Lisa's boat and headed to a nearby bay to anchor and just hang out and swim. It was very hot and very humid--and the water temp (and we actually took the temp so this is no exaggeration) was 80. It was like bath water! I forgot my camera which I want to apologize publicly for as I would have had a bunch of good pics to post, but I did manage to get a few on my phone so hopefully these will be acceptable alternatives.

We had to take the dingy into shore a few times to let the dogs do their business and that in itself was fun. Ollie and Frank are such good little swimmers--we were so proud. Reeces is a little swimmer too, but Snickers, this weekend anyway--he just finds the shade and hangs out. Attached is a pic of Tom and John with all 4 dogs while Lisa and I manned the blender back on the boat! :-) We finished the eve with a late dinner at the Pilot House--a really cool restaurant near the marina.

Today it was odd weather. When it gets so hot, heat thunderstorms appear and we see lightening and hear thunder and can almost time when the rain will fall ---down to the minute. We had quite the downpour for about 20 min and then the weather was beautiful and high 80's once again. We sat at the top of the boat (inside) to watch the storm--pretty neat.
Tonight we are relaxing at home and getting ready for the work week. Tom has to fly to the west for a work retreat thing so the dogs and I are on our own.

Have a good week everyone and a note for our friends in Seattle: we hear it was finally sunny!! yay! :-)
And Happy Fathers Day to our dads Jack and Jack and also to our great friend Chris: his first fathers day!! :-)

pics* dingy shots (see all 4 dogs), frank and diana, some sun shots.


  1. Lauren said...

    Thanks for the Father's Day wishes. I had a great day spending time with Lauren and Deb grabbing a bite to eat at Pike Place Market and then checking out the Museum of Flight. Great pictures of your "lazy daze" of summer on the water.  

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