boat day

We headed to the boat Friday night, as we do most weekends, and have enjoyed a very nice Saturday here. We took the boat out for a 3 our tour (sing the gilligan theme song here...) and anchored out in the Atlantic and just soaked in the rays. Our neighbors in Morristown came down to visit and we were proud to show them around the boat. John and Lisa have been busy all day so we didn't hang with them at all except for a bit this am. We'll see them tomorrow though and hopefully the thunderstorms being predicted pass right by so we can take the boat out again.

Being down here just gets the beach life in your blood. Within a 3 mile radius there are 3 surf shops I have found so far---real surf shops, hawaii style. My cousin in Kona has picked up Stand Up Paddle---surfing while standing with a paddle (just as it sounds hahaha) and I am trying to get Lisa to get into it with me out here. The boards out this way are $1500 though---a little steep. Maybe we can find some other girls to go in on it with us and we can work it like a time share! :-) Stay tuned for this hobby I have in my sights... In the mean time Lisa and I are going to try and do a surf camp down here at the shore. Tom is a great sport with all of my new ideas!! But Lisa is right there ready to participate so I am doing really well!

We have a good week coming up. Tom is in town (yay)-- I got used to him not traveling so a week away seemed like a really long time-- and on Wed night one of my best friends in the world - Jean is coming to visit. She and I have been great friends since age 14 and I can't wait to see her. She is making the trek without her husband and two boys so its an adventure in a lot of ways for her! I am taking Thurs and Fri off and we are doing the city, the shore, etc. :-)

Hope everyone is having a good start to summer--we absolutely are.

pic attached: tom and I watching the sunset from the front of our boat.


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