mom and lynne chapter 3

I am going to fit in Sat Sun and Monday into one entry so hang on...

By Friday, we were loving the city but we had to get to the shore to check out the boat and the "you wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it for yourself" beach. Saturday, it was a whopping 98 degrees and 88 as of 10am when Tom, the dogs and us drove to the boat.
We toured the shore and the Seaside Heights Boardwalk and my mom and aunt loved every second. It was very hot, but it was better than the rain that was falling (and kept falling) in Seattle while they were here.
Tom took us for a 3 hour boat ride after our beach visit and we sat at the front of the boat pretty much the entire time. It was so nice out! We had dinner with John and Lisa that evening and then made the journey home for another night of heading to bed at midnight!

Sunday we shopped till we nearly dropped in Morristown at the famous Century 21 department store. After our fill of designer discount clothes we braved the heat and drove to Liberty State Park and Jersey City to get the premium view of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Tom bbq'd his famous salmon for us when we got home and it was a nice "relaxing" day--altho we were very busy once again.

Monday we hit the city again. We went in a bit late that day because my mom made Tom and I each our most favorite pie. You have not had pie until you have tasted my mom's cherry pie (Tom would argue that his apple is better). Yum. Today we hit the 'Top of the Rock' so they could see the sprawling city from all angles. Central Park is amazing from that view as well as when you are physically in it and that was our next stop after walking up 5th and window shopping at the world famous stores. The 97 degree temps didn't bug us much today... but it was hot. The park was crowded, but not so much that it was hard to maneuver through. Everyone was out enjoying the sun and laying in the grass.
After wandering Central Park we hopped the subway and headed down to the World Trade Center site. I had to go to class, so my mom and aunt roamed this downtown area alone. I hoped they would be ok and they were--who knows what adventures they had that I will never hear about!! Crazy! The tame stories shared with me included another century 21, spending time at the wtc site and a visit to Starbucks. Sounds a bit too normal to me...

After my class we headed home and although we were tired and hot and had a busy week, I wasn't ready for them to leave the next day. We loved seeing them and having that time alone with my mom and my aunt was so fun. I had so much time to hear stories from their childhood, their life now---I feel I know them each even better.
Here are some pics and I plan to put our pics to music for them on dvd, so maybe I will post that here.

Have a great evening and its almost the weekend!!


  1. Lauren said...

    The pictures with sun (or even minus the gray) bring tears to my eyes as I vaguely remember what that is like. I'm missing the east soooo much right now...and the midwest, and the south, ok, anywhere there's sun...I'm missing right now.  

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