dodged the storm

In my opinion, the weather forecasters here are pretty accurate. Usually, its much warmer than what they say it will be and when they say its going to rain, it rains!! But today--they were WAY off! It was supposed to be low 70's and thunderstorms throughout the day but instead it was mid 80's and sunny all day. While John and Tom each worked on their boat projects Lisa and I lounged on the front of the boat for a good part of the day, took the dogs swimming at the little marina beach and then all 4 of us went to dinner at the Sand Bar restaurant (grilled clams in the shell--yum).

At dinner, we sat outside in bar like fashion, overlooking a fishing marina (huge beautiful fishing boats). During dinner we had a bit of a thunderstorm show with lightening and the pounding rain. It passed in about 20 min so all was good. Lisa asked if I felt at home being in the rain and I informed her that we don't really get summer rain storms in Seattle--but when we did, it wasn't the 80 degree temps we have here in the rain. The summer storms here are neat. Tonight, and most nights at the shore, I felt like such a tourist. John drove us around after dinner to other Marina's, small towns with little shops and other sights all about 5-10 min from our Marina. So much to see and do here...

Here is a pic of us girls at the restaurant marina and a small map of the jersey shore beaches/locations for all of you haters (point: when my aunt was out here, she called her son (my cousin Brandon) and let him know we were at the shore wading in the atlantic. he said (and I quote) "mom, does it smell there?". People outside of the tri-state area just don't know how great it is here!!)


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