mom and lynne--friday

we headed to the city today and it was hot--but little did we know, it would be the coolest day of the visit.
Mom and Lynne wasted no time adapting to "city ways". They were crossing the streets paying no attention to the signals but instead to the largest gaps in cars also trying to cross. I was very proud.
Today we headed from the Empire State area down to Chinatown and stopping nearly everywhere in between. We rode the subway and got to experience the a-cappella bands that roam the subway singing and charming the money right out of your wallet for their well deserved tips. We saw St Patrick's cathedral (armed with nypd with semi automatic weapons which was a bit odd) and even witnessed part of a benediction there. We hung out in Greenwich village and cooled off with some gellato in Little Italy (after sweating through Chinatown). Tom met us in Times Square (one of their favorite spots) and we went to see the broadway play Hairspray. It was so wonderful-- we all enjoyed it very much.

Here are some pics of our day:


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