last day of spring

hey everybody! We don't have any big events to report on or any fun activities we have been a part of --this is just a plain old regular update. :-)

Tom has been in Washington State all week--about 90 min outside of Seattle-- at a leadership retreat for work. He has had ok weather there (as its more Eastern Wash than Western Washington) but has been in meetings most of the time so he hasn't been outside to enjoy it. When he gets home tomorrow though, he'll enjoy our weather. Aside from some short yet intense thundershowers the last couple days, today was beautiful and 77 and this weekend and week will hit the mid 80's.

I have been enjoying the weather of course. The dogs and I have been taking walks and being outside whenever possible.
They miss Tom though and begin to act up when he is gone for more than a couple nights so they have been a bit more high maintenance than normal!

My class at NYU is great! After work on Mondays I train into the city and get my fix there by walking and taking in the city-I don't think I will ever tire of it. love the professor and am hoping to be published at some point, hopefully soon! I am learning a lot! We met with a magazine editor just last week which was very inspiring!

This weekend we will of course be at the boat and then on Wed one of my best friends in my life, Jean---since age 14-- is coming to visit! I can't wait. I am taking a couple days off for tours of the city and the shore. You'd think I'd get tired of the city and the shore, but I don't and honestly, with each new visitor I end up seeing things I have never seen before so its a win win.

Tom and I are also planning on going to the tennis US Open tourney in August. Tickets are on sale and the event is in NY so we have no excuse NOT to go! :-)

Well-- that's about it for an update. Hope everyone is well!
Here are some pics from our "file": a NY summer shot at Madison Square Park, the Seattle I know and love and some fun ones from way back of the dogs when they were little.


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