mom and auntie

Hey everyone. Haven't posted in a while-- but it hasn't been because we don't have anything to say! We have been SO busy! I took a few days off to spend some time with my mom and Aunt Lynne who flew out for the whirlwind tour of the tri-state area.
I knew we'd have a great time, but it was even better than I thought. Of course it was wonderful to see my mom--to have that one on one time was so nice. It was great to see Lynne too. I feel even so much closer to both of them actually. Good times!

I have a ton to write about and will do so in a day type format to keep the pics in order.


We headed to Lancaster County today to take my mom and aunt back to simpler times. I had been there before in October with my friend Melissa, but this time the weather was nicer and we saw many more horse and buggies so thats always fun.
I am not sure how I did it, but I found again the same farm that Melissa and I visited last year. Sadie and Amos had plenty to offer for sale in their home store and we capitalized on that buying fresh bread, jam, homemade soap and pot-holders.
The scenery was so beautiful. I hope the pics do it justice.

*pics: mom and lynne at an amish church, friendly horse, landscape, amish buggy, farmer and beleive it or not... a handicap buggy parking spot. seriously.


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