treasures in the bvi's

My most sincere apologies for not posting in a few days. As always, coming back to work after vacation is very time consuming and since its been 75 degrees the last few days (and on track to continue for many more days...) it's been hard to find time to sit down and post on what was one of the best vacations Tom and I have ever had. I have to admit, with all of the pics I took and the info I gathered on the various islands we visited in the BVI's, I am somewhat overwhelmed when thinking about where to start.

As Lisa told me, "just start at the beginning Di" so---I will start at the beginning.

After we all met in Tortola (the most populated, modernized island in the BVI's) and picked up the boat-- the guys got it ready for take-off and the gals headed to town for provisions.

pic: Captain John and Todd at the helm

We didn't plan on getting much in terms of food provisions, just lunch fixings and snacks (and beverages of course), but the grocery store in Tortola was actually quite stocked-- much different than the usual Caribbean grocery stores which are not much bigger than our US 7-11's. The US dollar was king and the grocery store shelves were stocked with essentials and indulgences including the Grey Poupon John had to have. The refrigeration section was suspect so although we didn't procure any meat we outfitted ourselves nicely and for less money than we expected. Shopping at the store was such a nice feeling. I was happy to find that even though the BVI's are somewhat established, we were still in the Caribbean I knew and loved. Seeing the friendly locals (West Indians) dread-locked and accommodating made us feel welcome (and made me want to grow dreads. I am serious).

Our boat was moored in Tortola and our first stop after taking off from there was Virgin Gorda. After the Pirate Caves which I spoke of in a previous post (pic below), we decided to stop by Willie T's--the famous (infamous?) permanently moored ship in the shallowish clear waters.

pics: the Pirate Caves

Wille T's is famous for its "clothing optional" dress code and topless diving off of the top deck for a free "Willie" t-shirt. While the diving topless didn't interest us that night we did have a great time anyway and it was a great welcome to vacation!!

pics: most of the gang at willie t's and tom and todd having fun!

After Willie T's we headed back to the boat (via our private 4 person dinghys ([that the guys insisted on racing]) for a few nightcaps and a very restful night sleep on the calm Caribbean Sea... ahhhhhhh. Vacation. Day 1 anyway...


  1. Captain Key said...

    I'm so disappointed in you for not diving topless. THAT would be a shirt for your quilt! :)  

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