Happy Earth Day!

And what a great day it is here in the NE! Sunny most of the time with a few rain sprinkles here and there---light sprinkles somehow make it feel more "earthy" by keeping the grass and trees green and replenishing our water supply.

What are you doing to help the Earth today?

Tom and I are getting better at using reusable shopping bags or requesting no bag at all unless one is absolutley necessary. This small act really can make a difference.

Aside from it being Earth day, not much else has deemed itself valuable enough to write about. Well, we do both have colds (yuck) and hoping they don't linger into our month of May when we are pretty busy with travel and seeing friends. Even small Frank had an ear-ache last week. Poor boy.

Well that is all for now.
Enjoy this pic taken on one of my wanderings and be kind to the Earth and all who make it their home!
(Also including an artistic shot of the dogs: Near and Far). :)


  1. Captain Key said...

    Aww... my girl Ol blends in with the pillow. Save me a spot Ollie! :)