Aye Matey!

Shiver me timbers! Walk the plank! and whatever other pirate sayings I can't think of...

We are in Pirate Land here in the British Virgin Islands and it is so amazing! The sun is extremely hot (close to the equator) and even just with day 3 we are all a bit toasty and already sitting in the shade part of the day (which for me, as you may know, is extremely rare)-- but we are not complaining! Whoo hoo! Blue sky, even bluer water--an aqua sort of color that is hard for me to compare to anything.

With 3 other couples, Todd & Kyla, Jerry & Kay and Lisa & John, we chartered a power catamaran in Tortolla and are island hopping all around. Yesterday we hit Virgin Gorda and we got in some snorkeling and diving at the Wreck of the Roan--a shipwreck from 1867. It was a bit creepy... the ship's form was still pretty intact.
We also went to the Pirate Caves--- an island that is rumored to be the inspiration to Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island.

We saw TONS of Parrot Fish, Trumpet fish as well as tons of urchins, angel fish, barracuda and super colorful coral.
Lisa, Jer and I got brave and I swam into a cave that had no natural light-- none. Super dark. It too was creepy and I am wondering if this may become a theme for the trip.

The best thing we saw though--the most amazing natural place we may have ever seen thus far in our travels--was the Baths. Giant boulders pushed through the ground by a primative volcanic explosian and have formed caverns, ponds with rushing waves that crash in every few minutes and hidden rooms that remind you of episodes of Lost in Space or even Land of the Lost (I was expecting a Sleestak to pop out any moment).

Today was a lay low day. We are at the Bitter End Yacht Club for the night and spent today lounging at the beach, taking small boat rides and Todd and Kyla rented a Hobie Cat Sailing boat. Can it only be day 3???
Even with the British name, this IS the Caribbean in every way you can imagine!

Pictures will follow. We have taken quite a few but coverage here is not always ideal to upload them.


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    My dislike for you grows each day. ;)  

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