Jost van Dyke

The title of this post may sound familiar, but it is not an actor--its an island in the BVI chain. It was our last stop (clearly I am doing some BVI posts out of order) and our favorite.

We anchored the boat in the clearest water I honestly have ever seen--and the warmest! The very distinct blue and green colored water that look as though they can't coexist in the same Sea without blending together at times did blend into a dreamy shade of aqua so needless to say, looking out at the water never got old.
Immediately after anchoring Tom and I jumped in and just swam around. Looking through the water, the white sand at the bottom (about 10' below) was very visible and we could see clearly the manta rays and parrot fish swim inches from our dangling feet.

our boat anchored at Jost van Dyke

tom in the very clear water and Tom and Di doing some snorkeling

Here are a couple views of the beach from our boat.

Amazing isn't it? It is one long white sand beach that looks pretty desolate, but actually has 6 beach bars including the two we hung out at most, the Soggy Dollar (where the fabulous drink Pain Killer was invented) and the Stress Free Bar. You can either swim to the beach or take a dinghy in and we did both multiple, multiple times!

pics of the Soggy Dollar sign and a view from the Stress Free Bar

Aside from snorkeling, laying out and having fun... we didn't do anything else on this wonderful, gorgeous island. The boat accommodated us all quite nicely when we needed to get out of the sun. We had a lot of fun dancing and laughing on the deck. Such a relaxing time with great friends. It was hard to leave.

Here are some pictures of some fun we all had on the boat.


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