back from the BVI's

Today is a day that has replayed itself many times in my life--the first day back to work after a long vacation somewhere sunny.

It is always hard to get back to the colder temps (30's), the early morning wakeups and the hundreds of emails waiting for attention in our work inboxs. Since I always try to look on the bright side, I DO love coming home to this area of the country (vs when we lived in Seattle and arriving home there meant depressing rain and horrible traffic once leaving the airport. Ugh). Also, the hundreds of emails waiting for me means I have a job--and one I like-- and for that I am very thankful.

The trip was amazing. That word is not nearly descriptive enough. All of the things and places we saw and experiences we had cannot be summed up easily, let alone in one word. Over the next few posts I will summarize the highlights of the trip and of course attach pictures. The pictures will be necessary to back up what I write--- without them reader, you surely wouldn't believe me when I say we were in paradise. It took me days to even think of a word to describe the color of the water in this part of the Caribbean Sea.

I am attaching a couple pics now to give you an idea of this paradise. Check back often because I have a lot to say!

Jer, Tom and John deciding where to shore dive. This is on Anegada, the furthest of the Islands in the chain we explored. The beach was empty except for us and one other couple.

The view through some of the Volcanic rock formations at the Baths on Virgin Gorda


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