sick sick sick...

...and since misery loves company, its only right for me to do a post.

Tom does a most excellent job being my company when I am miserable--yesterday even, against his better judgement, he went and got me my obligatory McDonald's meal that I only eat when I am sick. (#1 with a Coke). I think I am right when I say that when I am sick, the calories and artery hardening oil from the delicious Big Mac doesn't add to my demise the same as when I am healthy--I believe its actually helping my cold..
And, you can bet I will support Tom when he likely gets (or gets again) what I now have.

This cold is getting close to matching my "worst cold ever" memory... the cold that had me zombie walking through Amsterdam for 2 days years back-- a cold I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I pretty much haven't left the couch since Friday, I have a cough that has taken me to the crazy side (a quote from my friend Rita), and my normal love of sleep is now something I dread... even surfing the web has become a chore. Seriously, this must be more serious than any of us think...

Yes I am having a pity party and I don't care. Bleck. One good thing is that its horrible rainy and dreary so I am not missing much by being stuck inside. Poor Tom though. He's a good man.

Here is to hoping everyone is feeling better than I am and I am attaching some pics from the archive documenting sunnier, more active days that make me tired just looking at them.


  1. Captain Key said...

    I wish I was there to make you some soup. Keep sucking down the liquids as much as possible and feel better soon! :(  

  2. SeattleGrl said...

    Oh No!!! That sounds horrible. Hope you feel better soon, those darn subways...You are so healthy I am sure you have a healthy immune system and this will blow over soon. Get well soon.


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