Central Park at its best

While in the city, Karen and I pretty much did the entire city top (Central Park) to bottom (Brooklyn & Battery Park). We saw the legit tourist spots and then we saw the "local" spots that make the locals feel like tourists---at times.

Dear readers, you have seen many of the hotspots of NY on this blog and regardless of the beauty and repetition of those pics on this blog, I LOVE those spots (the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, Central Park etc) and I still continue to post them!

However, this trip with Karen brought some new sights I chose to take shots of. Its not that I have not seen things such as these before, but I think it was the first time visit to NY influence Karen brought that made me open my eyes and see some things that maybe I have overlooked before--mainly in Central Park.

Of course, we hit the Top of the Rock and it was gorgeous as always. For the first time I noticed sun bathers relaxing in the park from that high view. It was very cool and made the park seem so real. Once we walked through the park and went right by the same sun bathing place we saw from above----it all came together and the pride I felt for living and being in this city must have been obvious to Karen--it just bursts out of me!

At the entrance of the Park on 5th Ave, we went by the Pond and enjoyed our street bought hot dogs (delicious). until we came across the Tavern On The Green--a Central Park staple and a place I have been to once before in the winter months. (Side note: The Tavern was shortlisted as our reception spot if Tom and I had decided to get married in Central Park--its very quirky eccentric classy cool). Anyway----visiting in the summer months allowed Karen and I to sit in the outside patio surrounded by paper mache lanterns hung above our heads and large zoo animals carved out of bushes to surround us and shelter us from the rest of the park.

After Karen fully got the jist of the "Tavern", including the full tour of the restaurant, gift shop and being refreshed by the $15 cocktails (that would be $7 anywhere else), we headed on through the Park.

Attached are some normal pics of what we saw in the Park and also some different sights that are ever-changing----which is just another reason I LOVE this city!!

More to come--this visit of Karen's is somewhat of a mini-series! Enjoy!! Tivo it!

Karen climbing rocks in the Park

Di and Karen in front of the Dakota (where Lennon was shot)

Crazy opera singer at Bethsada Fountain in the Park

Our pedi-cab driver Madison waving from one of the many bridges in the Park (all of which are different--one architect per bridge to ensure variety)

The Lake and rowers in the rental boats from the Park Boathouse

Strawberry Fields--Imagine. John Lennon Memorial

Roller Disco in the Park

Diana and Will Shakespeare on the 'Literary Walk'

Big Gorilla/Sasquatch at the Tavern

Top of the Rock shot (note the sunbathers in the field)

Those same sunbathers up close

Karen under the lanterns at the Tavern on the Green


  1. Lauren said...

    My old boss' apt that we used to stay in when we went to NYC is right across from the Dakota on 72nd or 73rd (can't remember), 3 houses off the park. Miss going there. However, with no central air, the summer months were a bit muggy. Thank goodness he had a window AC for us.  

  2. SeattleGrl said...

    Wow, these are some of the most beautiful pics you have posted on your blog thus far (aside from your wedding photos). Keep on blogging, your writing is impeccable, the photos are wonderful and I love it when I see a new post!!! Keep up the good work, you're awesome, Diana...  

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