Dietary Indiscretion

Medical Definition:
Dietary indiscretion is the tendency of a certain animal eating unusual items. These are frequently relatively small items not encountered in a natural habitat and thus sampled because of mistaken identity, a familiar flavor, or simple curiosity. This includes modern manufactured items such as shiny metal foil or plastic objects, as well as foods harmful to health. Domesticated animals such as dogs and goats, and even circus animals like Ostriches are even more prone to the effect due to their contact with people.

Plain Term Definition:
Frank went dumpster diving and this time it wasn't the smorgasbord he had hoped for.

The medical definition was actually given to us by the ER Veterinarian when we took Frank in at 3 30 am the other day. He woke up with stomach spasms and was clearly uncomfortable. Poor boy. After a series of tests and xrays and IV's and some not so fun doses of Barium... Frank is back to his "regular" self, so to speak.

Of course, Daddy tells him he needs to get a job now to work off the medical bills... but of course, we are just SO happy he is ok.
Child locks have been applied to the garbage cabinets (that Frank had learned how to get into) so hopefully this is the only incident that we will have to deal with on this topic.

Poor Ollie was heartbroken without her brother. She was mopey and melancholy ALL DAY. I even took her for a car ride & bought her some doggie ice cream to try and cheer her up.

We are all hunkering down here this weekend (not at the boat yet). Hurricane Bill has caused the beaches to close with waters all the way up to the docks and sidewalks in NY and NJ. 5' and 6' swells still brought out the surfers---but most people stayed away.

Hopefully by Monday, Summer will be back and we will no longer be water logged (high tide, lots of rain and flood warnings in the Tri-state area).

Pics: Frank feeling good & sad Ollie missing Frank.


  1. SeattleGrl said...

    Ahhh, Ollie's face!!! That is so sad...I am glad to hear that Frank is better...Good thing he has wonderful parents...  

  2. Di and Tom said...

    isn't she so sad.
    Thanks Ang! :)  

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