WOW-- summer is just about over and we can't believe it! We are going to keep it alive for as long as we can and did our part this last week by living it up on Long Beach Island (LBI). We had the week off work and we headed down Monday am. We had originally planed to go to Ocean City, Maryland in the boat but Hurricane Bill (although much weaker than his reputation) and Frank deciding to eat some saran wrap and take a 24hr visit to the Vet ER (see prior post) changed our plans some.

LBI is one of our most favorite spots on the NJ Shore. You may recall that our last trip here included a 35 mile bike ride. This one, I am happy to report, did not! Tom did ride 15 miles while Lisa and I (John and Lisa came down for 2 nights in their boat) ran 6 miles to the end of LBI and back. It was HOT--90 with I'd say 80% humidity! Too hot to run was the consensus that we ended up at---after we were done running. Most of it was on the beach though and it was gorgeous, beautiful, spectacular and whatever else you can imagine. There is just something cool about running in a natural environment that makes the treadmill seem even more awful than it truly is...

We enjoyed our hot days by taking dips in the ocean and hanging out at a Pool in town. We had some great meals and some good tennis matches at the local court.

Hurricane Danny is now upon us, but like his buddy Bill---he is a wuss and even though it rained a bunch today, it will be gorgeous again tomorrow!

Back to work Monday for Tom and me so I am going to sign off now to enjoy the rest of our weekend!!

Happy last days of August!

Attached are a few pics from the week!

* John and Reeses

* Donna, Lisa and Di

* Di and Ollie

* Tom relaxing--wait, who is driving the boat???

* Mom and the babies (how cute are Frank & Ol?? SO CUTE!!)


  1. Andrea said...

    Looks fun! And glad your baby is feeling better :)