crazy nyc

Living in this area and touring around NYC has made me witness to many things that I shake my head at and think, sometimes out-loud, "Only In NY".

After looking up some pictures for a new tour guide website I am starting, I found some that are just too good to NOT post.

Enjoy... and please know, that I have posted the PG & PG-13 versions only...and regardless of what you see below---there are MANY more bizarre things (I can tell you some stories) and we STILL love living here!! New York City is the best city in the world.

* this first picture seems tame... its our friend John and I at a VERY FAMOUS Deli SEEN IN MANY MOVIES LIKE WHEN HARRY MET SALLY on the Lower West Side whose floor was COVERED with rat poison ------all over the floor (and its a big place). Side note: we did not realize this until halfway through our DELICIOUS corn beef sandwiches. It was delicious there. A true NY deli-- in more ways than one obviously.

* a guy in a foliage covered/colored full body mesh suit frolicking in the thick ivy near the ball fields in Central Park.

*Some guy with a star wars helmet playing an accordion in Union Square. A week later I saw him featured in the local Time Out New York Magazine.

*A Santa Pedi-cab driver

* What we thought was a happy clown at the San Genero Festival in Little Italy, only to be accosted by him yelling obscenities at anyone that passed him by...

* Some live music high up on a rock in Central Park.

* Very interesting sculpture Kristen and I saw at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) hanging from the ceiling.

* Only in NY would there be a billboard in Times Square for Dog Perfume.

* Live Models. Need I say more. Wait--yes I must say more: whats crazy is, HOW DO THEY KEEP THOSE SHORTS ON!!??

* Yes the Hollister Live Models are hot (see above pic)... but this store just a couple doors down wanted to make their impression too! Check out his high heels. This guy worked the crowd too! Yes, he is on a treadmill in a storefront window.

* This crazy violin playing meditation opera singer guy in Central Park was in a post not long ago---but he for sure belongs in this post. He has earned it.

* During the All Star Baseball game last summer, there were Statue of Liberty replicas all over the city painted in the different teams' colors. This one Jean and I spotted near Union Square and the guy was saying what looked like a prayer while holding onto Lady Liberty's woman parts. Very odd. Maybe more odd that we took a picture.


  1. Lauren said...

    PLEASE...DO NOT tell me that's Katz deli!!! It would break my heart to find this out about our fave deli.

    Maybe the man praying with Lady Liberty had a team that really, really needed help.

    Finally...admit bought some of that dog perfume for Ollie didn't you?!  

  2. Di and Tom said...

    Dear Lauren:
    1) No comment.

    2) hahahahahahahaha

    3) Maybe... I will never tell!!  

  3. SeattleGrl said...

    What a great post!!! I love love love it!!! Good job Di!!  

  4. Lauren said...

    Oh no!!! It is Katz!!!!!!! How did you come to find the floor is covered in rat poison?  

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