Hi everyone! Sorry its been so long since posting. Work has been nutty busy and its hard to find anytime latley when we are not working! BUT--I found some time now...

Last weekend we had ZERO visitors! Now, the fact that I used capital letters to emphasize the number of visitors we had and the exclamation point at the end in no way reflects that we do not rejoice when we do have visitors---it was just the one weekend of the year when we really had nothing going on! Its nice--no plans!

So what did we decide to do--- hang out with our friends John and Lisa and Mark and Donna who also had NO VISITORS therefore putting us all in the catergory of having visitors. Oh well--we are all Shore people so it was pretty low key.

The general consensus was that it was the best weekend of the year in regards to the weather! Perfect blue skies and 100 degrees in the shade.

Saturday we headed to Tyces Shoal where we often go for the warm (84 degree in the bay, 78 in the Atlantic) water. We closed the day with bbq'ing on the boat at the Marina!

Sunday we all jumped on our boat and headed to Donna and Mark's house on Silver Bay. Silver Bay is actually a favorite spot of many... well it used to be. Let me explain. The water is super warm, the boat ride close and the atmoshphere is fun and safe to be out swimming and just hanging out. Sadly, in the last couple years Silver Bay has been nearly TAKEN OVER by Jelly fish. If you have never been stung by a jelly fish you are lucky. They hurt and more than the sting, the thought of floating around in the warm water and the premonition that WILL come true--- having one of these clear monsters wrap their sometimes 2' long tentacles around your arm or leg (it feels like hair)--- the water loses its appeal.

Well, when its 100 + you have to have the water as an option, so we killed two birds with one stone: Visiting our good friends Mark and Donna who live in a finger inlet off the Bay (they are our neighbors up near our "real" house) and HANGING OUT IN THEIR POOL ALL DAY!! It was perfect. Perfect. I think I overuse that word.

Anyway--we all had a great time and got a lot of sun. Saw some breathtaking sunsets too which we never get tired of!

Now--for the title of this post:
Before we all leaped into Mark and Donna's pool, we took them for a boat ride down Tom's River in NJ. That is really the name of the river, not just my Tom's favorite river...

Anyway-- Mark was the tour guide and pointing out homes of the stars: Ann Taylor, Tony Soprano (of course he'd have a house here), Heather Locklear and a few more.

We got some pics but most are still on the camera at the boat--so I will load them this weekend. For now--here are some from Tom's excellent T-Mobile myTouch which I highly recommend all of you get!

*Sunset from the boat on our way back to the Marina
*Mark and Donna's place


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