Canada in the house!

This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting our sister-in-law and our friend, Karen! She is married to Tom's younger brother Ted and lives in Calgary, Alberta. Karen and I met for the first time a few months after Tom and I started to date and we hit it off immediately!
I am very lucky to have 2 great sister-in-laws on Tom's side-- and now both have visited us out here (you may recall that Kim and I took in the Greenwich Village Halloween parade last year).

Karen flew in late Thurs night and we spent the next 3 days going non-stop!! Tom and I had Friday off work so we headed to the boat Thurs night after the airport and spent the night there to prepare for a day of fun and sun on the Shore. It was SO nice out-- but windy--so we opted not to take the boat out and instead, Karen and Di headed to the Boardwalk at Seaside Heights to look around and roam the beach. Karen had never been to the East Coast so this was her first time in the Atlantic Ocean! She loved how warm it was!

After the boardwalk we met up with Lisa and the three of us laid out on the boat at the Marina and visited and relaxed--so fun!

Even though it was too windy for a pleasure cruise and ocean/bay swim off the boat, it wasn't too windy for Tom and John to head out fishing on our friend's boat with a fun group of guys. They went for Fluke (makes great sashimi)---but Tom ended up hooking a 4' Shark!! YES!! Really!!! Just as he reeled it in, the Shark bit through the line and got away. I'm sure Tom would have released it anyway, but wouldn't have that been an interesting sight--freeing the hook from a live shark...

Of course, no one expected a Shark to be on the other end of the line so none of the guys were ready for a photo op... so fair warning: without a picture, that 4' shark may grow to 6' or more the next time you hear this tale :)

After hearing this tale and seeing how hot and tired the guys were, a bunch of us went to dinner and called it a night! Great day!!!

Here are some pics from the Shore and my next post will detail Karen's and my exciting 2 days in NYC... with pics!!

*Diana and a possible summer job??? I think SO! :)
*Karen in the Atlantic
*Karen on the boards
*Karen meeting Zoltar from the movie "Big" from the 80's
*Part of the amusement attractions at Seaside


  1. SeattleGrl said...

    I love a good "fishing story" but this sounds like a great visit!!! Thanks for sharing the pics, they are great!!!  

  2. Lauren said...

    Ok, SHARK!!! You know where my brain is going here.  

  3. Di and Tom said...

    totally Deb---I thought of you. :)

    Thanks Ang!!  

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