Its snowing!

Its been snowing all day today and we love it! Nothing sticking too much but I am sure we'll get our share of that later in the season. Many of the trees are still full of their fall color leaves so seeing some snow on them is a nice sight. This picture is from this morning when the snow just had started to fall.

Diana had a nice time in Seattle. Went to a great concert (Ben Harper) got to spend time with many of my friends and family--but there is never enough time. I am not sure when I will be back there. With the holidays approaching probably not until Jan or early Feb.

We are having a nice relaxing weekend getting some indoor projects done and spending a little time at the mall before Black Friday. We have nearly all of our Christmas shopping done! Yay!

**NEW photos have been posted in the Summer Fall album (click photos at top of blog, under our name)