Fabulous Italian dinner

Last night Tom and I met up with our friends Todd and Kyla who were in NY from Seattle to run the NY Marathon. It was so good to see them. Todd and Diana have worked together for years at T-Mobile and I consider him one of my closest friends. His wife Kyla has become a great friend too--we chatted all night on many topics!

I mentioned in an earlier entry that we were going to eat at a top restaurant in the city--but I didn't know how "top" it was until I investigated it a bit more yesterday. Turns out that this restaurant, Babbo, is a Mario Batali restaurant (famed Chef featured all over the place on the Food Network) and its apparently his "favorite" of the ones he runs and it shows...It was ranked #17 out of the top 50 restaurants in the country for 2006. Pretty swanky! Todd found out that normally you must make reservations a month in advance... so I am not exactly sure how I was able to hook us up a day in advance... :-)
Babbo is in the heart of Greenwich Village which is a very cool area and Tom and I enjoyed our walk from midtown to the restaurant as it was another great fall night--the streets were full of activity.

Dinner was incredible. The setting of the restaurant was intimate--or crowded---depending on your mood elevator that day... but we didn't feel cramped at all.
The service was amazing and the food was Italian eclectic... no spaghetti and meatballs on this menu.
We had some wonderful vintage Italian wine, appetizers (including grilled octopus, loin, pig tongue, beef cheek ravioli and my favorite----mint love letters (pasta in envelope shapes filled with rosemary, lamb and mint). Our main courses were presented in a very artful fashion and Todd even had the chance to "meet and greet" his Branzino before it was prepared...

We were there nearly 4 hours, but the time flew by and when it was time to leave and catch the train--the time spent with them felt far too short. It was definitely a night to add to the "fond memory" category.


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