Deer Hunter--on a small scale

I'm in Seattle again this week for work. After a quick Mexican lunch with my cousins Chad and Ryan yesterday, its been pretty much non-stop work. I am meeting up with some girlfriends tonight and I can't wait!!
Tom is back at home with dog duty and also very busy at work and aside from that... not too much to report. We did spend last Saturday at the boat getting it all scrubbed down and cleaned for winterizing. We can't wait to take it out!
We are looking forward to Thanksgiving--and plan to head to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!!! (Tom is so great!) With the train its really easy to get there and back. I also am going to cook the big dinner! It will be tough not being with family--this will be the first year--but we are looking forward to some quiet time too.

Before I sign off I have to post these pics of Frank. We took the dogs to the park on Sunday and there was a family of 4 deer just hanging out. Frank and Ollie are not like normal "big" dogs that would notice the deer instantly--in fact, it took them minutes before they realized they were no more than 80 ft from them.

Frank got brave and decided to check things out from a closer distance. The one deer that didn't dart away from Frank's fierce demeanor just sort of stood there looking at him, and then continued chewing on the grass. Frank obviously took that as a sign of disrespect so he went closer and continued his rage! Tom managed to snap a few pics but then we frantically called him away as deer are known to be kickers--and Frank is not the large dog he thinks he is. Ollie just ran back and forth between us and about 50 ft from the deer not sure what to do but bark and be her crazy self. :-)I couldn't stop laughing... it was quite the spectacle.