dashing through the snow...

we were excited about snow yesterday... but that wasn't snow! this morning around 4am it started to snow and didn't stop until like 3pm. In total we had about 7". Its begun to melt but unlike Seattle---not because of rain, it just started warming up.
It supposed to be 60 on Thanksgiving!

We didn't think the dogs would take to the snow and we were wrong. They LOVED it. With camera in hand to catch the "must-have" pictures , Tom and I let them outside. After tip toe-ing through for about 25 seconds as if they were on hot coals, they got comfortable and then darted off into the woods. It looked cute.
at first.
but crazy, the snow seemed to affect their ability to hear and they just kept running ignoring my bribes of treats and "lets find daddy" (their favorite thing).

Being from Seattle, I of course had no snow boots and in the time it'd take me to find my waterproof hiking boots I knew the dogs would be long gone--so I had to improvise with the closest thing to me---socks and flipflops. As I was putting them on I knew this was a terrible idea... but what could I do?? No need to elaborate on the details, but the outcome is the dogs are home and Tom had to rub my toes for 6 minutes to get the feeling back in them.

The snow is a very welcome thing for us--especially after finding out that the development here plows the streets, sidewalks, our driveway and walkway going to our front door. Deal!!!

This is early snow for the NY area compared to last year. Last winter the first snowfall didn't come until January.

Have a good short week everyone!!!


  1. grantis maximus said...

    great snow fall. i would have claim your neighbors snow like the old days. a can of maountain dew can go a ling ways!  

  2. grantis maximus said...

    i meant a long ways