Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Everyone! We hope all of you are having as great of a day as we are! We started ours early by hopping on the train and heading to the city to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was great! Very crowded... apparently much more so than recent Thanksgivings since today the temp was 70 at Parade time! Normally its in the 40's. The weather brought the people out! We walked up to 42nd and cut down to Broadway (the parade route) and then slowly inched our way closer and closer to the front of the crowd snapping pics of the floats and bands and balloons all the way.

It was such a great feeling to be there and to have experienced it in person. As I said, it was crowded, but thats NY and thats what you expect. It couldn't have been a better NY holiday experience!
Tom and I recalled that last year on Thanksgiving we watched the parade on tv with the not the faintest idea that we would attend the very next year. You never know what experiences will come your way!

I posted some of the pics in the Photo's link at the top of the blog.

After the parade we headed home and Diana, yes me, started the Turkey dinner with all the trimmings (I know my close friends and family are picking themselves up from the floor right now after fainting with amazement that I would be cooking) but truth be told... I love preparing Thanksgiving dinner and I finally have a reason to use our double ovens!! Of course this year its just Tom and I... but there is no reason we can't have the full on dinner (with lots of leftovers). :-)

Tom is upgrading the lighting system in the house right now (which he loves) and resting his muscles from spending 8 cramped hours in the engine of the boat yesterday fine tuning things.

We are very thankful for so many things, to be in an area we love, the experiences we are able to partake in, our health, our jobs--and we are also very thankful for all of our family and friends and we are thinking of you especially on this day! :-)


  1. Shannon said...

    Di Di I miss you:) I have been trying to e-mail you for months now and have had no such luck. I can hardly believe you are back east when I am finally on the west for a bit. I will however be all up and down the east coast from the end of may til August this summer so we absolutely have to get together. I know you said you love Central Park but have you been to Riverside Park? I love the community garden on 91st where they shot the end of you've got mail. Well, glad to read that all is well and hope to hear from you soon. My e-mail is luv2teach2grade@gmail.com

    Love you lots, Shannon