Still cloudy in Morristown

I find it very ironic that we could not wait to escape dreary Seattle weather yet today in Seattle, its warmer by about 20 degrees than here. This is the coolest weather the NY area has had in 100 years.
BUT--it is supposed to be nice tomorrow and the weekend.
I am looking forward to tomorrow as well as my car is arriving. Lets hope its fared better in the transport than Tom's did... (smashed front end).

We also made an offer on a very cool town home! 2700 sqft and built in 2005. We decided that we want a chance to enjoy the East Coast most weekends and we don't want a yard holding us back. We'll see how it goes---this is our 3rd round of negotiations and after the first Tom handed over that fun job to me! Its been a bit trying----I found myself arguing to keep a tv that I am not even sure the brand or the quality. Emotions! At the moment--they have accepted our offer and we just need to firm up the close date. In NJ an attorney has to be involved in the closing process so there are some added steps. Give me a break! There are SO many attorneys in NJ---I think more than any other state.
If it happens it happens. We really fell in love with the place, but there are others.

On the table for weekend trips:
NYC this weekend
DC with Tom's folks when they come out
and--I found a great deal to the Bahamas---$68 each way! Finally I can take advantage of the cheap travel from the East Coast.

I hope to have links to pictures soon. I wandered around town today and took a few. My cousin is going to train me in blog 101 so stay tuned...