New House

here is a pic of the house we are buying. The front door entrance is off to the side and its a very pretty private entrance. Its a 3 story end unit town home surrounded by our own yard and woods.Its 2800sqft with 3 bedrooms, a family room loft, finished basement (all the homes have basements out here) that we will use for our gym and yoga stuff and it was built in 2005. We'll need to repaint some of the rooms as the current owners have a bit different taste, but thats easy to do.
Tom will miss the yard work we had in Seattle, but with all the things to see around here, plus we are thinking of getting a plane again so we'll like the weekend/weeknight freedom (plus they will shovel the snow!):-) Its about a 5 min drive from work (whoo-hoo) and about 12 min from where we live right now. The inspection is tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.

Its hot here today. Near 90. The dogs and I walked over to the park and while I sat in the sun, they played. Everyone we have met is so nice, although I am missing the face to face conversations with my friends back home. Thank God for email and IM!!

and a special note to my grandpa and grandma that read our blog! Hi! Very technically savvy grandparents I have!!


  1. ExportRyan said...

    In my 8 years of blogging, the grandparents have never stopped by.

  2. Lauren said...

    Nice new digs! Post more pics so we can see more. This coming from me, who hasn't updated my daughters blog in over a week, I know.  

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