HOT today

Summer is back in NY/NJ! Its still about 81 in Morristown and we love it! I finished up my first work week working at home and Tom just got home for the day. We'll head out to dinner soon,--there are so many restaurants here (and not just diners).

FACT: NJ has more diners than any other state.

A couple things I noticed on my run today: People here are very patriotic. NJ people consider 9/11 as not only a national tragedy but a hometown tragedy since NJ basically is the suburbs of NY. Another thing is the number of churches around---there must be at least 6 in Morristown that are all within walking distance from the apartment. They are all beautiful and quite old. The park that surrounds a few of the churches was the site of the first jail and courthouse during the Revolutionary War. Pretty amazing the age of the sites compared to the West coast.

Tom is liking his job and I of course like mine--I was so fortunate to be able to transfer here.

I do have one last tidbit for today's entry. I was talking to my good friend Melissa over IM today and I mentioned that I hadn't had a pastry (marshmallow square to be exact) from Starbucks since I have been out here.
Our conversation continued:

Melissa: Why not? aren't there any Starbucks around?
Diana: no, the one they had here closed since the building it resided in is being remodeled.
Melissa: Oh no! What kind of town are you living in????!!!!

Good question... we are living in a great town, but as you can see, there is always room for improvement... :-)
(To NJ's credit---they do have Starbucks around, you just have to drive past about 20 Dunkin Donuts to get to one though).

Tomorrow I will attach more pics as well as highlights from our day. We are either taking the train to NYC or going to the Shore.


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