Pictures of Morristown

the link is a bit rough... but its a start. (I realized that doing this on a pc is much more complicated doing it on my brand new shiny Mac powerbook pro (Tom still thinks Vista is the best thing going)... so when I log off this work computer I will play around more with the Mac features. Thanks Ry for the help!).

The link pic is that of our apartment building. I also added a pic of a downtown Morristown area. Jersey Boy bagels are big here!

The apartment is nice, but small. Its a security building as most apartments are around here. We have already met our next door neighbors who also have a dog---makes us feel better when Frank and Ollie wrestle loudly.

Hopefully we won't be here long... if all goes as planned we'll have a house contract by Tuesday. Fingers crossed people!!! :-)


  1. Janelle said...

    Hi Di,

    What a great idea! Continue to keep us up to date on what's happening, love the pictures.

    I guess you and I are officially living the farthest apart.

    Aloha, love ya, Janelle  

  2. sheryl said...

    hey I can't wait to come visit!!! I totally LOVE the east coast! Take lots of pics.  

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