sunny days are here again

This is going to be a good week and a good Monday tomorrow! Positive attitude goes a long way!

This weekend we headed to the boat to get it ready for the summer. It was 90 degrees yesterday and got to 92 today!

side note: yesterday was also the first day of boating season in my hometown of Seattle and it was in the 50's.

Yesterday at the boat Tom cleaned the outside (which was not an easy task after the tough & snowy winter) and I cleaned the inside (bathrooms, kitchen, put the bedding on etc.) After I finished my chores, Lisa and I hopped in my car (top down) and went for a much needed break to the beach. The sand felt sooooo nice! The water was still pretty cold, but it seemed like summer was finally here! After, we browsed the local shops in the town of Bay Head. Fun.
Afterwards we met back up with Tom and John and went to dinner.
Frank & Ollie were in heaven as they were reunited with their best friends, Snickers and Reeces. It was so cute to see them all run around together.

Today, as I mentioned, it was nice weather again but Tom and I stayed at home. I am feeling better so I went to kickboxing for the first time in like 8 days--it was tough, but I was glad I went. We ran errands and just hung out. Today was the first day this year that we felt the HUMIDITY!! Even the weaher forecasters said it was more like mid July than early May.

Here is a picture I took yesterday at the Shore. Hello beach days; I have missed you.

We have a full week coming up (thankfully with good weahter to last) but we'll be in touch as always!


  1. Captain Key said...

    Excellent! I hope Tom also got busy on changing the boat name to reflect my status in the family.  

  2. Laura said...

    I love that picture with the lonely chair on the beach...  

  3. Laura said...
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