Since moving to the East Coast, each Winter a certain day arrives and it is a day like no other.
A day that, although I know will come, isn't always predictable and its arrival cannot be based on its arrival in previous years.
A day that once it does come I get a feeling that summer will never be here again.

The day I am speaking of has arrived today --- it is the day that I have a desperate desperate desire to wear a full face stocking hat--the kind with just eye holes open-- whenever I have to go outside.

As fashionable as I may NOT be, I do know that these hats would be the final nail in my coffin in terms of fashion... but its SO COLD! The last few days have seemed brutal and today it even warmed up to 35! While I was successful for the 3rd Winter in a row in resisting a trip to the Army Navy Surplus store to invest in one of these hats, I did decide to try and find people who may be colder than I am-- and I did! The Participants of the annual NO PANTS DAY SUBWAY RIDES--- 2010!!

This day happened just last week in NY (and in various parts of the country--even in Mexico I hear). Riders rode the rails with their normal attire, just minus the pants or skirts. Here are some pics I found on the internet as I was not there myself participating in the event.

Enjoy and stay warm! The countdown to Summer is ON!


  1. Captain Key said...

    Today I was marveling at how a week's worth of 20 degree temperatures can make a 50 degree day (like ours today) feel tropical! I'm counting down with you friend! :)  

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