my little brother visits

Moving to the East Coast nearly 3 years ago took me away physically from all of my family and pretty much all of my friends. While I love it here and NEVER want to move back to Seattle, moving away of course has had its sad moments. I think honestly, the person I miss the most is my brother. He and I have always had a special bond and well, he is my little brother--I watch out for him. We obviously grew up together and had our share of good times and then as adults, in my late 20's, we were "roomies" for about 4 years or so. In those 4 years some of our adventures together count as some of the highlights in my life. I feel fortunate to say that my brother is one of my best friends.

This week my brother, Grant, came to visit! This was his second trip to the East Coast and a bit different than his first trip a couple summers ago. When he first came out it was over the 4th of July so we spent most of the time at the boat with one day seeing the "must see" tourist sights in NYC. This time, with the temp being slightly cooler than summer (28 degrees or so) the boat was NOT in the itinerary. Instead we proceeded to see more of NYC and the surrounding area than ANY OTHER GUEST has ever seen here, with me, in the same amount of time. Yes, its true.

Grant flew in on a Wednesday night that was COLD and cloudy. I had hoped for some sun--even if it was cold--and sun we got each of the following days.

Thursday we drove about 90 min away to Philly. Grant is a huge history buff so Philly was high on his list of must-see places. We stopped in Princeton, NJ on the way and visited the famous cemetery where Grover Cleveland and Revolutionary War soldiers are buried.

Once in Philly we visited the site of the first Congress and we didn't let a little scolding for touching a chair that was actually used by one of the "main guys" and 200 some years old stop our fun. We saw the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence draft that was delivered to Canada and various other locations proclaiming the legitimacy and standing of the "new United States of America", row houses dating back to the late 1700's and most important---some really cool old bars.
At City Tavern, we actually had a beer from a recipe found in Thomas Jefferson's home cook book served to us by a woman that knew A LOT about history and was dressed in a fashionable colonial wardrobe. After City we ventured to Eulogy, a bar that coins itself as "beer heaven" and has 300 beers on tap. It was here, at Eulogy, that Grant, a self proclaimed (but I am sure a claim that would not be argued) beer guru had his favorite beer ever--and that dear reader, says A LOT.

Here are some pics of us in Philly. The next installment of this blog will follow Grant and me to my favorite city -- NYC.

Grant and Grover in Princeton

Grant at the Liberty Bell

Grant and Diana at City Tavern

Cool very small door in Philly

Grant & row houses, small door frames and cobble stone parks


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