some panama pics

Our internet connection is a smidge better now that we have ventured back to Panama City as we get ready to go home so I thought I'd post a few pictures! These few were taken in Panama City and there will be more to come... but we still have some vacation fun to get to so look for more pics maybe later tonight or later this week! By the way--it was 94 here today and at home, its snowing and 25. Ugh.

"New" Panama City seen from the old city and Diana purchasing a Molas from a native Kuma Indian woman.

A small Diana in front of a very large church in the "old" Panama City.

We found the local shopping area in Panama City-- no other tourists to be found here--we love that. Gretchen, Doug and I scored on some shoe purchases! Half price compared to what we'd pay for at home... and yes, they are real, not knockoffs. Shoes, I know. :)

Tom getting local knowledge from a local; one of many balcony scenes that I cannot seem to get enough pictures of and the view from our hotel room in Panama City (near the beginning of the Panama Canal).


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