wow what a weekend!!

Tom and I have been busy from the 5' o-clock "quitting time" bell on Friday until just about an hour ago!!

Friday we had such a good time with two great friends we have made since moving here--Cora and Brian. Tom and Brian have actually known each other for years through work. Cora and I--well, its been said we are kindred spirits! We have a lot in common and have so much fun when together! We have already made some plans for summer--yes summer!!

Saturday, Tom invited over the "new guy" at work for dinner. Mark's family is still in Arizona and will move out this summer. It was such a nice day out--50's-- we bbq'd salmon and for dessert we welcomed him to the area the right way with the NY famous black and white cookies (my new favorite thing).

Today though--today, was the best! Tom and I took advantage of the near 60 degree sunny weather and went into the city and just wandered. We walked blocks and blocks and visited Union Square to browse and bought some art (a sweet Brooklyn Bridge/city shot) took some pics, went to the very hip 'Joe' to have a little coffee, snacked on some yummy yogurt at Red Mango, browsed for books at the Strand and just had a wonderful day. The city was full of people as usual, but it didn't seem crowded at all. We of course get off the beaten path and go down the streets less traveled (thats when you see the best things/places/people anyway). After coming home we enjoyed catching up with my 4yr old nephew Zane and my newly 2yr old niece Chloe on Skype. They are so cute I can hardly stand it. After watching them sing, put on outfits (the Incredibles, a Witches hat, Batman (and Bruce Wayne as Zane pointed out) and a Mets player) we are now reflecting on a full, fun weekend.

Hopefully everyone had a great one too and here are just a couple pics. Tom getting us some street lunch, Diana SUPER smiley about going to the city and Joe coffee cups. Also-- a quick video we took today of my favorite building in the city (Flat Iron) and the surrounding famous intersection at Madison Square Park starring non other than my very handsome TOM! (much to his dismay).


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