I thought we were free from these terrifying events now that we live away from the west coast which seems to be entirely made up of fault lines. Even Seattle, while not as bad as California, is due for "the big one" soon... Another reason why I am in NO hurry to go back there; earthquakes FREAK me out and I have been through enough to know I don't like them.

The funny thing is that we didn't even realize that what had happened was an earthquake. Its as if when we moved, I removed that definition/feeling/memory etc from my mind. So when we were just getting ready to doze off and heard a HUGE boom that shook the bed, the windows--the roof, Tom and I remained calm and looked at each other saying "What was that?"

There is a small plane airport near us and we looked into the woods to see if a plane had crashed. We wondered, can it thunder when snowing (as it was snowing)? Turns out, it was only a 3.0 which is small as far as earthquakes go, but for here--it was BIG just because they are so rare.

So, there is the big news for our day. Lets hope thats as big as it gets in terms of earthquakes.

Its also that time again in this blog dear readers, to give a shout out to another faithful follower of our blog:

This regular reader once told me she lives vicariously through me through this blog---which is ironic, because most of my young life I thought she had the best life ever and I wanted to live as she did. I am talking about my Auntie Renee! She, like most of my aunts are not much older than me, therefore making her automatically "cool" as far as aunts go. In her past life she was a tireless and very patient babysitter of 3 children (me, Steph & Grant) who used to wake us up, after we had fallen asleep, so we could see our favorite tv shows that were on past our bedtime; she carried (carries?) an endless supply of white tic-tacs and dentyne in her purse which brought her many nieces and nephews great joy; who, along with Aunt Cindy, offered endless encouragement to me during my college years; and who traveled all over the world to amazing locales--something she still does.
Thanks Auntie for reading our blog and for being such a great support in my life. :) Come and visit soon!


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