Since its Tom's bday weekend, he was able choose the agenda for today... and after I slept in (he wanted me to, really...) and we both hit the gym, we ran a couple errands and then went hiking back to our new fave place--the Appalachian Trail on the PA border. The trail and surrounding area was of course covered in snow--but no matter, that just made for a better workout! The dogs LOVED it (of course they came) and they did great the entire 3 1/2 miles--until the end when little Ollie started to lose some steam.

We made it home for the big game and are enjoying it and the quiet night at home.

side note: We hope you all saw NJ's best citizen perform at the Superbowl. In my opinion, this bowl was super ONLY because of BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEE! Made us wish we were with my dad (huge Bruce fan) and mom watching! My dad and I would have the tv cranked and be singing and dancing along (as I did at home with Tom) and my mom would be saying "turn it down"!! ;)

pics of the hike to come...


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