Happy President's Day

'The fellow in the portrait on the left taught us that anyone can be president. The guy on the right taught us that not everyone should.-- Sarah Smith for NBC NY

Today we celebrate a wonderful occasion in the United States. NO WORK! Ha--but seriously, today is the observed day to celebrate Washington and Lincoln's birthdays. Why do we only celebrate theirs? You'd think I would know since I have been celebrating this day since I was a kid, but I always assumed because they were our two best Presidents (until now maybe...)... but what about Grant or the Roosevelt gents, Kennedy or Reagan?

My friend Matty's folks always had a Presidents Day Party each year--which I think is a fabulous idea. They recited the Declaration of Independence and then proceeded to party it up like the Presidents would (except for Clinton--Matty's parents are decent people).

On this special holiday which isn't known for gift giving or hunting eggs in the bushes or hoping cupid comes a callin' , I am posting some interesting facts about some of our lesser known Presidents... for it is their day too.

James Madison was only 5'4". Dang.

James Buchanan was the only President to never marry.

John Tyler, 10th Pres of the US, had 15 children note: when I was in 10th grade our History class had to learn every single President, their term, their party and their VP. I have completely blocked Tyler out of my mind. His name does not ring a single bell. Odd.

William Henry Harrison died in office (1841) and served just one month. note: Conspiracy theories welcome here.

James Garfield could write in Greek with one hand and in Latin with the other simultaneously.

Woodrow Wilson kept sheep to trim the White House Lawn and didn't learn to read until he was 9 years old.

Martin Van Buren and his wife spoke Dutch at home and owned two tiger cubs as pets.

Chester A Arthur was accused of being born in Canada.

Calvin Coolidge had an electronic horse installed in the White House that he rode nearly every day.


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