holy cow!! is it summer??

The temps were warm enough today in NY, that some cities around the country (specifically in the pacific nw) might have mistaken it for a summer day. We are new enough to this area that WE nearly mistook it for a summer day!!! Got to 65 in the city and 69 in the surrounding areas. Forget the fact that its supposed to snow on Saturday and then again Tuesday... I think I got a tan today at lunch when I walked the dogs!! You know that wonderful smell that the air has on the first few warm days of the year? I love that smell and it filled the house today through the windows I had opened. NY does get some random warm days in the Winter and what a treat they are!

Hope everyone is having a good week. We are and are keeping busy!


  1. Kristen said...

    We have been having similar weather! I've been wearing shorts for a week! :)  

  2. Justin said...

    or global warming. ahhhh!  

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