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A couple things to report...

1) This article has gotten so many hits on the internet its been called by some "the best thing you will see on the web all week" (this blog excluded of course). The pics are great. Courtesy of the NY Times.


2) A few months ago I did a blog post on the mysterious yet delicious smell of maple syrup that drifts through Manhattan every once in a while and that the source of the smell has been a mystery for years. Well--its been solved. It comes from Jersey! Apparently, a fragrance factory in Bergan County (North Jersey) is the culprit. Yes, yes I know what you all may be thinking-- 'Wow! a good smell from New Jersey??!!'
I have to say I am surprised the source stayed a mystery for years... are you telling me NO ONE put two and two together--I mean, this isn't a super secret fragrance factory?

Of course, this spawned many a headlines in local papers slamming what has been the whipping boy for NY for, well, forever--Jersey. Here are my faves:

"Whats that smell? Oh, Its Jersey"
"Blame Jersey! NY maple mystery solved"

Poor Jersey--it really isn't that bad. Well, most of it isn't that bad (note: steer clear of Trenton, Elizabeth and when getting off the plane in Newark, don't dilly dally).

Happy Thursday!!!


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