still nice here

hey everyone! Happy Sunday evening. Tom, the dogs and I just got back home from a weekend at the boat. The weather was great this weekend--mid 70's and while it is above average, last year at this time we had a spell of about 10 days of near 90 degree weather! Beggar's can't be choosers, so we are happy with what we have (but honestly, I am getting excited for winter and snow--we are supposed to have a hard one this year).

We happily spent time with John and Li this weekend as we do most weekends! Lisa and I hit some garage sales (nothing good), shopped a bit, laid in the sun a bit, gossiped a bit and laughed a lot. This morning though was the best, we met up in the morning and went for a run along the ocean on the boardwalk. It was PERFECT weather--a breeze and of course that unbeatable view. I love it here.
After, we went to a surf board swap and just window shopped. When we got back to the marina, all 4 of us took our boat out for a ride.

Attached are a couple cute pics of Ollie trying on little Recees' adorable Hula-girl halloween costume.
More pics to come... Frank has a dragon costume he is dying to model!


  1. Kristen said...

    ollie is so cute! nice costume!  

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