night on the town

Last night Tom and I drove into the city to meet up with Tom's older brother Fred for dinner. Fred was in town for a conference and each time he comes out this way we try and meet up. In New York, being the hotbed that it is for posh restaurants, its impossible to frequent all of the" 5 star places" unless one lives here for a lifetime! However, Tom and I are trying our hardest to hit as many as we can. Last night was no exception! I made reservations at Butter. Its a very trendy, "in" restaurant and club right now located in the East Village and we lucked out with getting a table at such short notice. Turns out that Monday is their BIG night with the club downstairs opening at 11pm. Yes 11pm. Who is partying at 11 on a Monday?? Well, the answer to that is pretty much anyone you can think of that has graced the magazine pages of Rolling Stone, People and the like. While we considered staying for the club opening (not really) we decided our schedule was already full for the evening (going home and going to bed like normal people "our age").

But--it was nice to be there and we enjoyed visiting with Fred. He and Kim will be out here in a week 1/2 for the marathon so we'll spend more time with them then.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. ExportRyan said...

    For the record, Kate and I often begin partying at 11am. With our many celebrity friends. In fact, I have a date Kevin Bacon to some car-bombs in about 14 minutes.  

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