Frost on the Pumpkins!

Wow we love it here! The fall here is so beautiful! Just about now the trees are at their prettiest and in the next few weeks the leaves will start to really drop at a fast pace. Its brisk, but whats so great, is the sunny weather still wins out. Today Tom and I stayed around Morristown and after running errands and Tom doing some technology tinkering in the house we headed to the Pumpkin Patch with the dogs. Frank and Ol were all decked out in their sweater and jacket and ready to find the perfect one to carve (we found two)! :-) I hope to have more pics tomorrow of our beautiful area, but for now, here are a couple.

Tomorrow we may or may not go to the boat. Its going to be 100% sunny again, but still chilly and waking up at the boat without the option of just throwing on the swim suit and jumping in the water is just not as appealing. BUT-- we do have so much fun down there when we go--cold or not so we'll see.

We are getting excited for a couple of events coming up. Tom's brother Fred is running the NY Marathon this year so he and his wife Kim will be heading up here around Halloween. Can't wait for that! While Fred is running Kim, Tom and I will be cheering him on while shopping and seeing the sights! Lisa, John, Tom and I are also doing a marathon--- but only a 4 mile next Sunday down at the Shore. It benefits the animal shelters so its a good cause. (Todd and any of my high-school friends reading this will fall over nearly dead when they hear that I am running. I HATE running). Also-- my friend Melissa is coming out again!! YAY!! More to come on that as we are still in the planning phase.
It will be a busy winter, but one that keeps us home for the most part so we are looking forward to that.

*Diana and Ollie (Frank is a bit camouflaged next to us but see the "W" on his letterman jacket? Go Huskies!! ) at the Pumpkin Patch
Diana with the fall colors behind


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