rainy saturday

Hi everyone! Its Saturday night and we are relaxing at home! Tom has spent the last 3 days working at a retail store in Brooklyn (T-Mobile sends the directors to the stores throughout the year to work and assist the front line sales people. Its a learning experience for all and its something Tom really enjoys). His store's customer base was approx. 75% spanish speaking -- but thankfully [shame-less plug coming...) everyone speaks the universal language of "cool phones" and since T-Mobile just released the Google phone --the store was packed and Tom sold a TON.

I was going to head to Brooklyn today myself to wander around while Tom worked, but it has been raining ALL DAY and I didn't feel like getting drenched so I opted out. Instead I had a leisurely day at home and around town.

Here are some pics of our jack-o-lanterns and the dogs sitting with Tom (seriously, could Ollie be any cuter??)


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