pre-halloween snow!

Its a winter wonderland here today and I am so excited! Tom doesn't understand my love for snow, but thats because he is from Canada where they actually GOT snow on a regular basis. You all know where I am from... need I say more?

Only a few wet flakes were called for--but that is not what we are getting. Its been snowing for over 2 hours now and sticking everywhere! Its really early to be getting snow for this area, but they have been calling for a tough winter so I guess this seems about right.

We probably have 3/4 of an inch or more. Its not super cold so I expect it to begin raining again any minute as it did all last night. When I came home for lunch I snapped this pic (when it had just started to stick) and let the dogs out to play. Ollie runs into the woods immediately loving it but Frank takes the path less traveled--through the bark under the low hanging tree limbs--so as he is hardly affected by the flakes. I took a video of them and will try to get it loaded later tonight, and if we end up getting snowed in... I will express my excitement to you in another blog entry!!


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