old friends

Hey everyone-- hope your week is going well. Ours is! The weather warmed up again and the fall colors get more vibrant every day--it is truly beautiful. The best thing about this week is we had a visitor! One of my closest friends, Todd, came into town for work stuff and we made sure to carve out some time to meet & catch up and have dinner. He even got to meet Frank and Ol which was a treat for all of them! :-) It was great to see him! I don't have any pictures from his trip here this time. I am pretty much already known as "that girl" when it comes to photographing every element of our lives (much to Tom's dismay) so I figured my pics from visits past will have to suffice.

Tom is out in Long Island today for work, which is a bit of a drive and I am recovering from a very busy quarter end which had me keeping some late hours.

Not much else exciting happening here in our little area of the East Coast. Later.


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