memorial day weekend!

Hi everyone! welcome to summer in the NE! following the memorial day rule, summer has begun and we are taking full advantage! Saturday morning we headed to the shore for the long weekend. We didn't stay at the marina long-- we jetted off to Long Beach Island (LBI as the locals call it) to see a friend Tom works with who was vacationing at a beach house there in a town called Loveladies. There were a couple families at this house and we were welcomed right in for dinner and lounging around the property. What was funny, is that most of the time spent outside hanging out and visiting was done on our boat--rather than the vast patio or 3 decks this house had. Tom and I were so proud! We had the music going and had a great time. We took the dogs to the beach and they loved it. They ran, ears back, tails wagging! Frank ventured into the surf unintentionally and ventured back out pretty quickly.
We slept on the boat and left around 9 the next morning. Frank and Ollie of course were the star attractions since they seemed cuter than ever.

LBI is about 90 min from our marina so Sunday am I laid out on the front of the boat and Tom and the dogs captained us back to Pt Pleasant. Tom had some projects he wanted to work on so I lounged around and got some sun (80's on Sun and Mon). That evening we went to dinner with our friends John and Lisa. Lisa and I have so much in common! I can't wait for her to meet my friends as they come out this summer. We feel lucky to have made some great friends.

Monday was the nicest day of all with the weather so Tom, John, Lisa, the 4 dogs and I took John's powerboat to a little cove about 7 min away. Only smaller boats can maneuver in the cove (here they call it a lagoon). Boats lined both sides of this shallow lagoon and tie up and just hang out. The floaties come out as does the music and the refreshments. Plenty of dogs were there too so our 4 fit right in. Ollie and Frank went swimming for the first time! Did they like it? Not so much we don't think--but the key is that they can swim in case they go overboard which I swear will happen with Frank one day as he continues his attempts to reach the elusive duck.

I am attaching some pics of Tom and I on the boat in LBI (opposed to on LBI which I got clarification on), tom and the guys on the boat, the dogs (ollie is a bit more hyper than the boy so he is a smidgen easier to photograph hence the greater # of pics of him this entry), various shots of the shore and LBI sunsets and Lisa and Di hanging out on the floatie (note frank teetering on the edge).

This week its back to work. Tom and I are attending a fundraiser for City Year in the city tomorrow night which should be nice (we went last September too and I posted on it. Its a great charity that really does product results with underprivileged kids in not so great neighborhoods throughout the 5 boroughs in NY). Friday my great friend Melissa flies in for a quick weekend trip. I can't wait to see her. I will be sure to continue posting what we think are our adventures! :-)


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